14″ Mega Mammoth Skinner Stone Knife


This stone knife will take you 10,000 years back in time.  Pick it up and you almost feel the presence of  woolly mammoths and similar behemoths roaming the ice-age wilderness.  Why?  Because the handle is made of an actual mammoth rib which came to rest on the bottom of the North Sea.  The pommel cap is mammoth tusk ivory, united to the rib handle with a buffalo horn spacer.

Now the blade.  It’s the largest stone blade I have ever created from Black Lagoon Jasper.  This is a rare type of Jasper found only in Madagascar.  Only a small quantity was shipped to North America about a decade ago and I acquired the entire lot.  The quality of this particular piece of stone from which I knapped the stone blade is exquisite.  The length of this mega skinnner is 14 inches and there is certainly not a knife like it in the world.  Could it skin a mammoth?  Absolutely!

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 x 6 x 6 in