Opal Arrowhead Jewelry

If you’re looking for authentic Native American jewelry, made with the same techniques used for centuries, you’ve come to the right place. Opal is a precious gemstone that has many personalities. There is black opal, white opal, or crystal opal, each containing fire of any color found in the spectrum of a rainbow, or a combination of many dazzling colors. It has varied patterns of fire, such as pinfire and broadflash. There is nothing like it.

But the most unique characteristic about opal to a flintknapper is the marvelous fact that it can be flaked, or knapped, the same as flint or obsidian, thus opal arrowheads and opal arrowhead necklaces! They make completely unique jewelry. Another characteristic of knapped opal is the fact that it is not ground and polished like conventional opal jewelry. It is made by means of a controlled fracturing process. The gorgeous, glassy texture that results is the opal’s natural texture. It can not be improved or enhanced by traditional polishing of the finished opal.

Each opal arrowhead necklace or pair of opal earrings is one of a kind. Each is set with Sterling Silver or Gold-filled wire and findings. Necklaces can be ordered with Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-filled chain, or without chain. Earrings are available with post or fishhook findings. Opal arrowheads can also be ordered by the point collector or jeweler to enhance with their own creativity or settings.

Prices for earrings start at $120, necklaces at $85.