Flintknapping Classes

Flintknapping Classes in Michigan

Flintknapping Demonstrations: $275

Flintknapping Classes in Michigan taught by Mike Cook, expert flintknapper for nearly 40 years. Mike teaches how to make authentic arrowheads and spear points. I offer Flintknapping demos to schools and various community organizations. These demonstrations are conducted at your locale, tailored to a time frame that fits your particular need. They are typically structured from a minimum of 45 minutes up to 2 hours and are designed to be interactive. While demonstrating the various aspects of flintknapping, I will cover the history of the skill and art, allowing plenty of Q & A. My display consists of an assemblage of stone tools and projectile points, some integrated with wood, antler and plant fiber accoutrements. Also included are points and tools knapped from beautiful gem quality flint and jasper. This accent to the visual aspect of the presentation is popular.

1-Day Location Workshops: $500

One day public workshops are done at your location and include the display of tools, projectile points and related items. These, however, are very hands-on for individuals who want to experience one of the oldest skills and arts in the world. Tools and materials are provided for those desiring hands-on learning, while others may sit down, observe and converse. The workshop can be part of a community event or a stand-alone primitive skills education forum. This format is ideal for a group or organization, as the fee covers as many individuals who desire participating.

1-Day Classes

Once or twice a year I conduct a 1-day knapping class that is geared for beginning to intermediate level knappers. Rock is provided, lunch is provided, as well as tools if needed. The class is held at my residence, either under a canopy by my pond or in my workshop. It is an all day class that ends only when the last students leaves. Many facets of knapping are covered, primarily the ones that the students themselves have the most problems with. If you have a group of at least 5 and would like to schedule a class, just give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.

All workshops and demos are designed to make learning fun and engaging.

email: [email protected] Phone:517-242-1352

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