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ART OF ISHI is the premier website for custom handmade projectile points, stone knives, opal jewelry, stone turkey calls, and more. With over 30 years of experience, Mike Cook is said to be one of the leading North American artists practicing the prehistoric art of flintknapping. Mike offers flintknapping demonstrations and training seminars where he customizes his program to engage each group. Contact Mike today to learn more about how The Stone Age is Back!  For Mike's entertaining and educational videos go to: http://www.youtube.com/artofishi


Hi.  My name is Mike Cook and I was created to be a flintknapper.  As a child I was always fascinated with the mystery surrounding prehistoric people, awed by the arrowheads and stone tools that my dad had collected.  I didn’t really decide to learn  to make stone points and tools.  I was eventually compelled.  After 30 years of flintknapping,  for some reason I’m still not tired of it.  Truth is that I’m probably more fascinated with it than ever.  I suspect that’s because I never grew up.  

Besides creating projectile points,  I design and knap stone knives, knap and make precious opal jewelry.  My specialty is knapping  gem quality flint, jasper, agate and obsidian from around the world.  Please enjoy browsing my website and viewing the incredible beauty with which God has endowed mere rocks.  To see even more of my flintknapped creations, you can also go to http://flintknappers.com/gallery/ArtofIshi

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