Mammoth Hunter Knife


Ever ponder the mystery of mammoth hunters of the last ice-age?  I made this knife with that in mind.  Mammoths that roamed North America around 10,000 years ago are gone, as are the paleo hunters who pursued them.  Much of this story remains unknown.  What was it like hunting these monsters for food and clothing?  When ancient hunters were successful, how was their quarry butchered when it came crashing to the ground?  Did they celebrate, dancing and brandishing stone knives over their heads in anticipation of a feast?  Hopefully this piece of art will serve to fan the flames of mystery for you.

It is knapped from the finest quality Jafar Jasper,  the blade then set in a handle made of rare material, indeed – mammoth rib found in the permafrost of remote Siberia.  The stabilized curly maple spacer is capped with a pommel of the only thing worthy of such a knife – mammoth ivory.  Being just a mammoth hair shy of 12 inches, it’s a comfortable handful.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 x 6 x 6 in