April 5, 2012 @ 2:13 PM

Folks often tell me that they don't know why they love collecting arrowheads, or flint knives, for that matter.  I know.  I have wondered that about myself and here's what I have concluded.  It's all about the history, simplicity and the lines!  First, we all have a primordial connection with arrowheads and flint knives.  Out ancestors used them to live.  Perhaps collecting projectile points, flint tools or stone knives relects a yearning for a simpler life.  Maybe that simplicity is compelling for us modern, high tech people.

The long history of primitive tools and weapons like arrowheads and stone knives is also fascinating.  I think it's the mystery of what went on throughout the vast stone-age which draws us to the re-creation of these amazing tools.  It's sort of like a big jigsaw puzzle and trying to find pieces that fit to form a picture of what went on way back then.  Arrowheads and stone knives are pieces of that enigmatic puzzle.

Now the lines - oh yeah.  A well made arrowhead or flint knife has very simple but alluring lines that are just pleasing to the eye.  Of course, the gorgeous colors and patterns that occur in gem quality flint, agate, jasper, etc. sure add a lot. too.  Put simply, I guess modern arrowheads and flint knives are manifestations of beauty that has always existed.  I think we share that appreciation of stone-age beauty with all people of the past.