February 27, 2012 @ 6:45 AM

Since I got back from the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show I've been keeping a secret.  But I can't keep it any longer or I'll explode.  I found some rock that I dream about, but it's better than that.  At the bottom of a rock pile I dicovered a few pieces of blue knapping rock!  Naturally, I dove on it like a hungry cat on a fat mouse.  You see,  blue is the rarest color in flintknapping rock.  To confirm that, all you have to do is see the absence of blue arrowheads or stone knives in your collection - or go to a museum which has stone artifact exhibits.  You're not likely to see blue.  In any case, I have knapped a couple of points from this rock and am so happy with them ...

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February 14, 2012 @ 3:48 PM

I returned recently from hunting in Arizona and Texas.  Hunting what?  Rocks and opal, of course, and I did pretty well.  I brought home some stunning opal and can't wait to knap it into arrowhead necklaces and earrings.  I also scored some screamer agate, flint, jasper and flint.  I am already visualizing some of it transformed into stone knives and arrowheads.  Oh yeah, Clovis points, Dovetails, Cahokias, maybe a Folsom or two, and I can't forget Dalton points, Agate Basins, and Lost Lakes.  If you think of others I need to knap, just let me know.

I suspect that some will begin showing up on www.artofishi.com pretty soon.  Remember, if there is a type of flintknapping rock that you ...

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