January 9, 2012 @ 3:29 PM

When I attend shows & knap-ins, one of the most frequently ask questions is, "What is your favorite type of rock to knap?"  That's a vexing question.  There are so many, but I will name a few that are on the top shelf.  First I"ll say that knapping opal is in a class by itself.  I love opal. I love opal arrowheads.  I love opal earrings, necklaces, you name it, even though I don't wear them.  Opal is a fantastic gemstone!

O.K., other than opal, I get real geeked up about Ocean Wave Jasper from Madagascar.  (Ask me about the rarest form - Markasite Ocean Wave.)  It's all beautiful and no longer available. It's cousin, Black Lagoon Jasper, is similar.  It's rare rock because I bought all that was available a few years ago.  I treat myself to working a piece from time to time.  Also in this category of  "getting rare" is agatized coral from Indonesia - stunningly beautiful!

Another exotic I dare not neglect is Mookite from Australia.  The colors and pattern make for gorgeous arrowheads, spearpoints, arrowhead necklaces and knives.  Brazilian agate is also a material I have worked lots of,  but I'm still crazy about it.  The translucency and color of these agate arrowheads and knives are uniquely beautiful.  Fancy Jasper from India rates as  top-shelf flint knapping stone, as well.  Name the color and it probably occurs in Fancy Jasper.

Now for the most tasty domestic flint knapping rock.  Here it goes - Bullseye Jasper from Nevada, (I love Bullseye Clovis points.) Pertified Palm Wood from Texas, Flint Ridge from Ohio and Horse Creek Chert from Tennessee.  I'm sure there are other great flint knapping rocks that I haven't seen, so if you know of one just let me know and I'll see if I can sink my teeth into a piece.  You will be the first to know if it makes cool arrowheads, knives or art knappings.